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Squeal from engine

When I start my narrowboat engine - a Lister Petter - there's a very loud squeal from it. The rev counter doesn't register. After a few minutes the noise stops and the rev counter comes to life. Lately the noise has been lasting longer. What might the problem be? I thought it was the fan belt slipping but it looks fine.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 7.35am, Tuesday 27 June

WW says:

Your initial thought as to source of the squealing noise is correct, it is the alternator belt slipping. The tachometer signal is derived from the alternator and if it is not being driven properly the rev counter will not work.
If the belt is in good condition, adjusting the tension should solve the problem. Do not make the tension too great as the alternator bearing will be damaged, there should be a total deflection of about 12mm on the longest length of the belt.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.40AM, Tuesday 27 June

Readers say:

Thank you. That was the problem - job done!

Paul Taylor  | 11.57AM, Tuesday 27 June

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