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Boating Log Software

I like to keep a boating log on my laptop,currently I do it in Excel, does anyone know of any boat logging software to run independently of any of the available planners?

Asked by: Graham Little  | 10.06pm, Thursday 5 February

WW says:

What sort of information do you keep in your log, GrahamĀ - and would an Internet solution do, or does it need to be standalone software?

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.50AM, Friday 6 February

Readers say:

Needs to be standalone.
I am afraid I keep a record of absolutely everything, bit sad really!It currently resides in 34 columns on Excel,including drop downs for crew, double drop downs for which ever canal we are on to give validated mooring sites for that canal. I also keep engine records & notes, weather tunnels, locks, swing bridges etc, no.of days on trip, all totalled for trip, year and grand total. There I told you it was sad!!

Graham Little  | 12.04PM, Friday 6 February

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