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Max amount of hose in gas locker

I have been told that there is a maximum amount of rubber hose that can be used from gas bottle before it must go into copper. Is there also any regulations around what sort of regulator should be used. I have a 5 ring hob along with oven and grill. These are the only items using gas. The regulator fitted just now is a Cavagna 1.5kg/h

Asked by: william boyle  | 11.27am, Thursday 6 July

WW says:

The maximum length of gas hose to connect a regulator or appliance to pipe work allowed by the BSS is 1metre. The hose must be to BS 3212 part 2 or an equivalent standard. High pressure hoses are also limited to 1m and must be pre-made manufactured items.
You do not say whether the regulator is fitted directly to the gas bottle or a bulkhead fitted type but it is important to use the correct pressure for your system. Propane which usually comes in orange bottles should have a 37mb regulator whilst butane (blue cylinders) has a 28mb regulator. Caravan shops often sell a universal 30mb regulator which will not give a good performance for a propane system.
You might consider fitting a bubble tester in the gas locker. This will enable you to easily check the system for leaks, and if it is a residential boat means that any BSS examiner can perform the checks.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.17PM, Thursday 6 July

That would be fine. The hose must be jubilee clipped onto proper stepped nozzles for good sealing.Make sure the bubble tester is the right way round, there are flow arrows on the body.

Rupert Smedley  | 4.30PM, Thursday 6 July

Readers say:

Regulator direct to bottle then hose into bubble tester then hose into the bulk head of the boat from bubble tester.
It is propane

william boyle  | 3.44PM, Thursday 6 July

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