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Paperwork for private sale

I found a boat in which I am very interested. It is private sale and I am sure the people are genuine.
What paperwork should I use to perform a sale? Is a receipt enough and if so what boat identification should I get on the paperwork?
P.S. The boat name does not appear on the two manufacturers plates at the stern door. Is this normal?

Asked by: Nevil Underwood  | 3.48pm, Sunday 23 July

WW says:

First, you should ask for evidence that the boat actually belongs to the person selling it. This could be a bill of sale or receipt from the previous owner. Failing that, you should ask to see licences, mooring receipts and repair bills going back for the time the seller claims that he owned it.

  • As Rupert pointed out when answering a similar question in June this year, you also need to find out whether a loan has been secured on the boat. If so, you should ensure that it is paid off or you may become liable for repayments.

  • You then need to obtain a bill of sale or receipt from the seller to record the sale and the amount paid.

  • Assuming that the boat is currently on the canals, it is identified by the British Waterways/Canal and River Trust registration number which is unique to every boat on their waters. The boat name is not unique which is why there are so many Herons and Meanders.

    Graham Booth  | 4.35PM, Sunday 23 July

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