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Bed hieght

When Fitting out a sail away hull, does the bed need to be at a certain height
Also is it safe for dogs to sleep on the floor

Asked by: Steve Batt  | 7.10pm, Sunday 23 July

WW says:

I can't think of any reason why a bed should be at a particular height. One of the beds on our boat doubles as the dinette which is raised to improve the view out of the portholes when we are eating. The base is about 22in above the floor plus a 4in mattress/seat. The other bed is at the normal seat height of about 14in plus mattress.

  • The only thing to avoid is making a bed that is against the hull side so high that you can't make use of the space under the gunwale.

  • We have had five Labradors since we started boating and none of them seems to have suffered from sleeping on the floor. However, it is a good idea to ensure that they are not too near to low level vents that might produce a chilly draught in the cooler months.

    Graham Booth  | 9.01PM, Sunday 23 July

    Ensure you are not too close to the gunwhale- otherwise it can be a pain if you jam a limb in the gap!
    More space underneath can allow for a large amount of storage- if you are planning on putting a holding tank underneath the berth, ensure you account for the required pipework fittings as well as the dimensions of the tank itself.

    Mark Langley  | 11.56AM, Monday 24 July

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