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Measham/Bargeware/Barge ware

Do you have any articals the above.Any month or year

Asked by: Edward Wilson  | 12.59pm, Sunday 8 February

Readers say:

The longest article published by Waterways World was by John Wain in the May 1988 issue. This ran to three pages and has some good colour photographs.
There was also a Readers' Forum question and answer on the subject in the November 1997 issue.
In September 1978, The editorial team raised the question of whether the connection between boating families and Measham pottery is as strong as is often claimed. This prompted replies in November 1978 (from Robert Aickman) and in January 1979 (from Mick Vedmore).
WW's quarterly sister publication, Narrowboat, published a seven page article by Evelyn Booth of Lockside Antiques in the Summer 2006 issue.

Andrew Schmidt  | 4.12PM, Monday 9 February

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