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Lister sr3 power

Would a 3cylLister have enough power to handle upstream river journeys or Thames tidal?

Asked by: Baz  | 10.29am, Wednesday 2 August

WW says:

This depends on the size of boat, its draught and how well it handles- but probably yes! If you travel with the tide and plan carefully on tidal waters you should be fine and rivers under normal conditions should be ok.
There are some considerations for aircooled engines on tidal waters- some cooling outlets can be quite close to the waterline on some boats, and these can get swamped by the wash produced by larger vessels- so you might want to consider how easily water can get into the boat. You might also want to ensure there is plenty of air inlet space, so when the engine is working hard it won't overheat.
Older Lister aircooled engines can coke up somewhat, if they have been run slowly- so you might want to consider a good service and possibly a period of time running at or near full throttle (under load) to ensure that the passages are clear- you might produce a large amount of soot and/or sparks from the exhaust! Sometimes there is a large build-up of soot in the silencer itself and this is best removed...

Mark Langley  | 1.45PM, Wednesday 2 August

Many older boats had Lister SR3 engines and are fine on rivers as long as you take the normal precautions for passages on flowing water as Mark describes.

Rupert Smedley  | 7.25PM, Wednesday 2 August

Readers say:

Thanks for a very quick answer. I am from OZ and buying a 50 - 60ft boat to travel as much of UK waters as possible. I once had a SR3 in a 50 footer that almost got stuck under the Radcot bridge due to high flows.

Baz  | 8.14PM, Wednesday 2 August

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