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cost of narrow boat living

Could someone please give me details of what monthly bills would have to be paid whilst living on a narrow boat and travelling up and down the canals

Asked by: Dawn & Keith Bell  | 7.26pm, Friday 4 August

WW says:

The principle costs of boating are licence (which is based in which navigation authority you are with and size of boat), insurance, mooring (if not genuinely continuously cruising), as well as fuel (diesel/gas) and general servicing/maintenance.-
It's hard to give a quick breakdown of costs as it very much depends on your own boat size, but £300/month wouldn't be a bad starting point to consider. The Waterways World annual goes into a lot more specific detail of costs and might be a good starting point. I would also look at the Canal and River Trust site for details of licences and, if you won't have a home mooring, you must read the continuous cruising guidelines carefully and stick to them.

Mark Langley  | 7.00AM, Saturday 5 August

Readers say:

If you're still looking for an answer, this might assist you. I will say I have no affiliation to this guy other than I've watched this before.

Raymond Fowler  | 11.15AM, Friday 1 September

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