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hello all, i am in the process of buying a 46ft fully fitted second hand narrowboat and need to know the approximate weight of it , it has a draft of 2 feet and wondered if anyone here may be able to give me an estimate weight, thank you all , happy cruising

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | 4.39pm, Friday 11 August

WW says:

My 60ft narrowboat draws about 2ft at the bow and 2ft 3in at the stern. It has recently been craned out and weighed just over 19 tons. Your boat should therefore weigh about 19 divided by 60, times 46 which is 14.5 tons.

  • There is also a rule of thumb that says a 70ft boat has 1in of draught for every ton of weight. A seventy footer with 2ft draught would therefore weigh 24tons. If we divide this by 70 and multiply by 46, we get 15.7tons.

  • Taking the average, you get around 15tons.

  • I hope this is accurate enough for your needs.

    Graham Booth  | 7.08PM, Friday 11 August

    Readers say:

    that is very helful thank you very much

    jean-marc bedos  | 7.14PM, Friday 11 August

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