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20+ year old boat

Thanks for previous response Graham. I will indeed order the book. Although the boat appears to have been well maintained, am I right to be cautious that on a +20yr old boat,the engine for example might be nearing end of life? It's an Isuzu 42, regularly serviced apparently. Although quite a bit under budget, I'm cautious - being somewhat mechanically challenged! - that it could turn into an expensive buy?

Asked by: Graham Jones  | 10.29am, Wednesday 16 August

WW says:

It is very difficult to say without seeing the boat and knowing more about its history. If it has not had too much use, not been used simply to charge batteries for long periods and been well and regularly serviced, the engine could have many more years left in it. If the opposite is true, you could be looking at a replacement in the not too distant future.

  • The only way to be sure is to have a full pre-purchase survey. It will not be cheap as it takes some time and the boat will have to be out of the water but at least you will know what you are letting yourself in for. If the boat is under budget, perhaps some of the money you would have spent buying it can be used for the survey.

    Graham Booth  | 11.18AM, Wednesday 16 August

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