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Plumbing basics

Hi Mark
I'm just looking into plumbing a 57ft narrowboat we are fitting out after it had been completely stripped out apart from engine (Beta Marine 43) we have now Webasto heater, 375lt (roughly) water tank and a 55lt calorifier (new) horizontal, are there any helpful articles, diagrams, books or even videos to get me going as I've not done this before? There seems to bits of information around but I haven't yet gathered enough to think I could confidently make a start. I'm thinking of mostly plastic pipe and copper where needed, around engine and calorifier. Cindy's question in a previous post is a good one as we're thinking of putting the Calorifier under the bow next to the water tank but I'm not sure it'll be right, people say it needs to be near the engine?
We'd like to do some of the work but would get a plumber in to do the important bits - any advise would be welcome.

Asked by: Martin Parker  | 7.16pm, Tuesday 22 August

WW says:

I am sure that Mark will give you a detailed answer but you may find some basic information that is still useful in the Narrowboat Builders Book published by WW and available via this website. There is a schematic diagram of the plumbing system as well as advice on all other aspects of fitting out a narrowboat.
Putting the calorifier under the bow does seem rather a long way from the engine. Also, from personal experience, a horizontal calorifier does lose heat more quickly than a vertical one for the reasons a Mark has described. It probably does not apply in your case but it can also lose heat by convection to a boiler or engine if these are higher than the calorifier. The answer here is either a non-return valve or, if the flow is not strong enough, a gate valve.

Graham Booth  | 10.05AM, Wednesday 23 August

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