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bilge water

i have a 52ft steel narrowboat just 2yr old and have just draind my bilge and revoved 140lt of water over 3 days is this amount normal for 2yr the water is clean with a tint of rust colour

Asked by: tony furborough  | 2.37pm, Sunday 8 February

WW says:

You might expect a small amount of condensation but not 140lts. The fact that the water basically clean could suggest a leak from the water system. If the pump cuts in for no apparent reason when the system is under pressure, this is probably the cause. check all the joints and the tank and calorifier for signs of leakage.
If your boat has building felt under the ballast, you may have to empty some more water in a few days as the felt retains it and releases it slowly.

Graham Booth  | 5.24PM, Monday 9 February

Readers say:

Check the doors and windows are sealed and that the 'run off' is not draining into the bilge. I had this problem today, hope that the sealer cures the problem.

Glyn Dew  | 11.10PM, Wednesday 18 February

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