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Watertank paint

what paint do I need to paint inside the water tank?

Asked by: Colin Bradshaw  | 8.54pm, Monday 4 September

WW says:

Integral steel water tanks, i.e. those that are formed out of the same steel as the boat hull, are usually painted with a special type of bitumen paint known as "water tank black".Several companies make such a paint, however looking at Rylards website I found the following statement:
Legislation has resulted in the withdrawal of the Water Research Council's approval of bitumen for use in water tanks and equipment for all public serviceson dry land. This means that bituminous solutions are no longer approved by the WRC, but their continuing use on existing bituminised tanks is permitted under BS3416 on boats. If your boat has a water tank already coated with bitumen, you can use water tank coating to maintain it. New water tanks must use two pack bitumen-free coatings with WRAS/BS6920 approval.
So the use of water tank black is fine for existing tanks, already bitumen painted, but for recently built boats check the paint type with the builder if not stated in the manual.

Rupert Smedley  | 8.44AM, Tuesday 5 September

As Rupert says, you can paint the tank with 'water tan black', sometimes called 'potable water paint', if this was used in the past. It may look like ordinary hull blacking but don't be tempted to use this instead.

  • After you have painted the tank, you may have to fill it and leave it for a few days before emptying it to remove the slight taste of the paint. If this persists, you may have to repeat this but it will go eventually.

  • A more expensive alternative is to install a flexible tank liner which is tailor made to fit the tank. One company that supplies these is Duratank. Details can be found at - www.duratank.com/tanks-and-liners.

    Graham Booth  | 10.00AM, Tuesday 5 September

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