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hello experts , i have a 15year old barrus shire 1200 diesel engine on my 46ft narrowboat, in the manual it says that come the time of replacing the the fuel and oil filter i should use a RDG 3026 fuel filter and a 129150-35151 oil filter , after trying online with barrus shire webpage i have had no luck finding them they seem to sell every other spare parts but filters. all other chandleries have filters but nothing that corresponds with the ones i need, sorry if i am being stpid but am i missing out on something ??. i also see equivalent for this and that but not for the ones i need . any help would be gratefully appreciated, thank you all, and please excuse my ignorance.

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | 7.10pm, Monday 11 September

WW says:

The Barrus engine that you have is based on a Yanmar unit, the oil filter specified in the manual (129150 35151) seems to have been superseded and an equivalent spin-on type filter is a Baldwin B1421. The fuel filter is of the element type and appears to be specific to Barrus but Rico Filters sell their RF1013 as an equivalent which is available on Ebay.
Generally fuel filters do not need to be replaced as often as oil filters, assuming all is well without any bugs in the diesel tank. Oil filters are made by many different manufacturers and any decent motor factors should be able to source an equivalent from the Baldwin number.

Rupert Smedley  | 9.40PM, Monday 11 September

Readers say:

thank you so much , that has made things a little clearer. you're wonderful thank you

jean-marc bedos  | 8.29AM, Tuesday 12 September

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