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seating foam

the seating foam in my springer 23 is not very comfortable after a couple of hours watching tv.i suspect the foam is original cheap? stuff.any alternatives or more supportive foam/filling available?

Asked by: s gurney  | 4.44pm, Tuesday 12 September

WW says:

Foam cushioning can be quite expensive to replace, however many domestic upholsterers can give reasonable quotes. If the original is the check upholstery fitted to many Springer Waterbug's, they are usually zipped or back buttoned, so the cover should slip off. If so, you might be able to remove the covers and make your own patterns up to send to a foam supplier. Foam comes in various grades and super-firm can be great for use as a bed, as well as for seating. Unfortunately it's quite difficult to revive upholstery that has become a little flaccid!

Mark Langley  | 9.29PM, Tuesday 12 September

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