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Wide Beam Propulsion

I have a 54ft wide beam built in 1994. The rudder is about 8 inches from the prop. and is not very responsive. Would it help to buld a duct round the prop. to direct the water flow at the rudder?

Asked by: Ken Neale  | 7.10pm, Friday 13 February

WW says:

This could work in theory, and has been tried before. One of the main drawbacks if what happens when debris is drawn in- of the diameter is insufficient then serious damage could occur to the propellor itself, as it makes contact. The duct would also have to be a full cylinder, or a full cone- which might make modifying the weedhatch difficult. Less than a full surround and the water might start trying to go elsewhere!
The hull shape of a widebeam is more likely to affect its handling, especially if used on fairly shallow canals. Possibly a better option would be a larger rudder, though this might make the tiller or wheel difficult to control.
It might be worth seeing how large the rudder is, and how balanced it is (how much blade is forward of the stock) before deciding on further action. The size of the propellor is a factor as well.

Mark Langley  | 12.49PM, Thursday 26 February

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