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Anti -freeze

What anti-freeze should I put in my lister 3 cyl canal star engine? Is Bluecol ok?

Asked by: Colin Bradshaw  | 3.58pm, Monday 25 September

WW says:

Bluecol will be fine- however if the antifreeze is over two years old (up to four years of no sign of corrosion) the whole coolant should be replaced- although topping up the antifreeze will help stop frost damage, as antifreeze ages it loses the ability to offer corrosion protection.
Draining the existing antifreeze is fairly easily (removing the bottom pipe from a keel rank) but it can be more challenging to contain it- it must never be discharged into a canal or poured down a drain- but taken to a recycling facility. Most antifreeze is highly dangerous for the environment.
Many boaters just top up the antifreeze- though ideally it should be diluted before use- and, once the engine has run for an hour or two (and allowed to cool down) then you can use a hydrometer to test the antifreeze level. Ideally new solution every two or so years would be better and reduce both corrosion and sludge build-up in the engine cooling system.

Mark Langley  | 5.00PM, Monday 25 September

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