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yanmar air filters

hello again. i have recently bought a yanmar air filter, the one recommended in the manual of my barrus shire 1200 engine fitted to my 46ft narrowboat, the filter number is 119808 12520. i found one on ebay sold by a company called Farol who tend to mostly sell agricultural bits and bobs, the add read 'genuine yanmar air filter' .
so anyway on the add picture it looked exactly the same as the one that i am using right now yet on arrival it was too long and too large , it was hard to judge in the advert as they look the same , it seems i have it's bigger wider brother. the filter i have has no name or number enscribed on it and it has all confused me, any thoughts would be very gratefully accepted

Asked by: jean-marc bedos  | 10.13am, Tuesday 3 October

WW says:

It is always worth checking the dimensions of any equivalent.
I have found an equivalent Baldwin filter RS3704 which has the following dimensions:- O.D.: 4 1/8 (104.8)
I.D.: 2 5/16 (58.7) One End
Length: 10 13/16 (274.6)
It appears to be a two part tubular assembly; this is the outer part with RS3705 inside, although your installation might only have the one filter.
Check these dimensions with your current filter.
I would advise keeping a note of the equivalent numbers when you solve it, ready for next time!

Rupert Smedley  | 12.50PM, Tuesday 3 October

Is your filter tubular, ie the same type just a different size or a completely different shape?
I would be surprised if there wasn't a reference on your filter, but it might need careful cleaning to discover it!

Rupert Smedley  | 1.10PM, Tuesday 3 October

Readers say:

thanks , the one i just bought is not an equivalent but the one recommended, yet the engine is fitted with a smaller housing that will not accommodate the recommended filter, that is where i get confused

jean-marc bedos  | 12.55PM, Tuesday 3 October

hello again , i have just checked the baldwin rs3704 and it is exactly the same as the one recommended yet too long, i may have to get help from my nearest marina and see what they think when i show them the filter i am trying to change, there is no number or name on it though so may be difficult

jean-marc bedos  | 1.24PM, Tuesday 3 October

it is of the same type but smaller ,i will have another look for a number or letters thanks

jean-marc bedos  | 1.26PM, Tuesday 3 October

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