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bow thruster

Is it possible to install a Bow Thruster in an already established boat, and if so approximately how much to do so.

Asked by: Frank Franklin  | 1.33am, Sunday 8 October

WW says:

In answer to your first question - a guarded 'yes'. How easy or difficult a job this is depends on a number of things related to the design of the boat. The tube is situated under the front deck area which is where many boats have their water tank so this may have to be modified or moved. You also need access to the motor for maintenance and, possibly, to clear the propeller. Assuming you opt for an electric thruster, you will also need to find space for the battery, which is best located near to the unit, and route the cables through the cabin back to the alternator to charge it.

  • All of this work could be very disruptive, time-consuming and therefore costly. Since all boats are different, it is impossible to put even an approximate figure on it but it could run into several thousands.

  • Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to add a bow thruster, it might be better to learn a few 'tricks of the trade' to avoid the need for one.

    Graham Booth  | 11.16AM, Sunday 8 October

    Readers say:

    Thank you for the carefully answered question.

    Frank Franklin  | 1.19AM, Monday 9 October

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