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Victron energy monitor fault

I've using a Victron 600s monitor to monitor my 5 leisure batteries. It's stopped working properly. It says Boot 1.01 or it flashes quickly and says nothing at all until I turn the engine on. At that point it appears to work ok but it only shows 1 amp going in to the batteries! As soon as I switch the engine off, the monitor starts flashes no and displaying 600s and that's it. Now I happen to have a second LED display for the monitor. I swapped that and that one does exactly the same thing, so it isn't that that's faulty could it be the shunt? Or something else?

Asked by: Carl Young  | 1.00pm, Tuesday 17 October

WW says:

Your battery monitor is possibly suffering from a bad connection between the battery positive and the shunt. Check that all the connections are good and the wire is not chafed or broken inside the insulation. There should be an in-line fuse; check this and the fuse connections. If all looks fine try replacing the fuse itself. If you have a meter check that the positive voltage supply to the shunt is the same as the battery voltage. If all of the above check out and the fault persists; try a replacement shunt.

Rupert Smedley  | 10.49PM, Tuesday 17 October

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