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Cold weather blacking

I've been offered a blacking slot in a professional but unheated workshop next February formy narrowboat. Should it be OK at that time of year? I'm a bit concerned that the environment is unheated.

Asked by: Paul Taylor  | 8.03pm, Saturday 21 October

WW says:

Generally as long as it is not freezing or below when the paint is applied it should be alright; however extra time must be allowed for the paint to dry, depending on the conditions double the stated time or more. The paint manufacturer's instructions will give guidance as to the optimum conditions and drying times, if the paint is used outside these guidelines it may not perform so well. Thinner paint such as conventional bitumen dries faster and will be less affected than thicker paint. If you are using two pack paint, this does not dry through evaporation, it hardens by chemical reaction which will again take longer in low temperatures. Allow plenty of time between coats and before putting the boat back in the water.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.01PM, Sunday 22 October

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