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Narrow boat electrics

I have an XR&D narrow boat shell on order that I plan to fit out. Do you have a standard electric wiring diagram that I can use as a starting point to work from?

Asked by: Chris Death  | 5.49pm, Sunday 12 November

WW says:

Since there is no such thing as a standard narrowboat, it is difficult to have a standard wiring diagram.
The easiest way to work out the wiring needed on your boat is to start be listing all the electrical equipment, separating into DC and AC. The first decision is to decide on whether to opt for 12V or 24V DC; 12V is most common but requires bigger cables, doubling the voltage to 24V halves the current reducing the cable size (and cost) and also increases the reliability of high power appliances such as macerator toilets.
Decide on the location of all lights etc with switch locations and the basis of the wiring diagram will start to evolve. The use of a DC distribution box and separating different circuits with individual fuses/circuit breakers is good practice and makes future alterations easier.
The AC system (if required) is easier as a ring main around the boat with power points in required positions will suffice with an appropriate fuse box and galvanic isolator on the earth connection.
There are companies that will produce a loom for your boat which helps installation, but requires confidence in the layout.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.25PM, Monday 13 November

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