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I'm a 25 year old fella. I was born on boats and lives on the canals for most of my life. It's something that I have decided I cannot do without. However, with section 8's being a thing of the past. No mortgages for narrowboats unless you want ridiculous interest rate and frankly not having £15,000 laying about. What can I do? I'm not after much, just a 32ft plus springer with a running inboard diesel, hull in decent nic and a bsc!
Any advice?

Asked by: Harry McArthur  | 6.43pm, Sunday 19 November

WW says:

I know it might not be quite what you want, but try a small GRP cruiser with four-stroke outboard. They are robust, fairly cheap (especially if you are willing to do some work) and can be excellent value- and potentially less expensive problems that, for example, an elderly Springer might have. You might be able to get a small, unsecured loan of around £2,000 which would get you a reasonable quality boat

Mark Langley  | 7.25AM, Tuesday 21 November

Readers say:

Feel your pain. I got my brother to get a loan. He put down home improvements.
I tried to use the boat loan companies for a new sail away and despite earning a wage where I only needed 1/2 a years salary no joy

Steve Batt  | 10.11PM, Sunday 19 November

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