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three leisure batteries connected to a 175 amp alternator

What size Mega Fuse between 175 amp alternator and three leisure batteries
Would you have a fuse between solar panels control and batteries

Asked by: Steve Batt  | 1.20pm, Friday 24 November

WW says:

You should look to a 200A fuse for the alternator circuit- and also consider a master fuse in the domestic supply as well.
If the solar panel charge bypasses the master switch (which is usual) then you must have a fuse (as close as possible to the battery) in order to comply with the Boat safety scheme. However, even if it did go through the master switch it would be sensible to fit a fuse. It may also be prudent to fit a fuse close to the panels (ie before the controller) in addition.

Mark Langley  | 10.38PM, Friday 24 November

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