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hi fi

I have a steel boat with an ordinary hi fi however when using the radio I get interference what can I do to stop this

Asked by: jo stone  | 12.41pm, Monday 27 November

WW says:

Is the interference when the engine is running or at other times? And is the hifi a 12V car-type unit, or mains powered one? And if mains-powered, is it from a landline or an inverter... as some basic (quasi wine-wave) inverters can cause interference as the waveform causes issues with more delicate appliances. Otherwise it might be hard to pin down the cause...

Mark Langley  | 10.51PM, Monday 27 November

What sort of aerial are you using?

Rupert Smedley  | 8.57AM, Wednesday 29 November

Readers say:

interference is not when the engine is running. it is not a car radio it is a normal domestic type. it is run from a land line however we do have an inverter. we are not using an aerial would that stop interference if so what type of aerial would we need

jo stone  | 1.59PM, Saturday 2 December

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