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Repainting a water tank

Is there any rust preventive treatment that can be used on existing rust patches in a potable water tank before repainting ? Rylard Paints seem to be the only supplier of bitumen water tank paint.

Asked by: Rodney Hardwick  | 3.02pm, Sunday 10 December

WW says:

You could use Fertan... it's non-toxic and concerts the oxide to a tannate, which is insoluble. Fertan works wonderfully elsewhere- and if you are costing it with a portable water tank treatment, the Fertan would give a good base for the coverage. It's also water-based so can be rinsed off. An alternative to painting the tank with water-safe paint, would be to have a flexible liner made for the tank- which would then avoid painting or treatment for many years.

Mark Langley  | 9.17AM, Monday 11 December

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