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Diesel additive

We get our new boat delivered in few days and I'll need to fill up with diesel for the first time. Should I use a fuel additive from the start, and on a regular basis, to inhibit the diesel bug and help precipitate any moisture? I'm having a Fuel Guard filter system fitted for added protection.
Thank you

Asked by: Raymond Fowler  | 8.11am, Friday 15 December

WW says:

A fuel additive can help stabilise fuel and also, as you say, prevent diesel bug. I would strongly suggest you use an additive that actively precipitates out water, rather than emulsifying it. People like RCR recommend additives like Marine 16 which are proven to work well especially in allowing water dispersed in fuel to precipitate. This will be particularly useful in conjunction with the fuelguard which is very useful at taking out water. Avoid any additive that claims to disperse water as this won't help the Fuelguard system work.

Mark Langley  | 10.45AM, Friday 15 December

The important point is to The fuelguard filter will stop water getting to the engine but it will still collect in the tank. Periodically removing any condensation from the bottom of the tank will help prevent any future problems with diesel bug whether you decide to treat the fuel or not. The integrated tanks at the back of the counter are the worst for collecting condensation as they are not at a constant temperature. They are however the easiest to get the water out; simply weight the boat over to the filler side and suck out a few litres of fuel from the bottom corner. After letting any water settle out, the fuel can be returned.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.06AM, Friday 15 December

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