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How can I run my shower without electric or the engine please

I have purchased a houseboat which has no engine and no coal burner, can anyone help me to find a way to run a shower as the electrics on the bank are only 16 amp and I believe I would need 32 amps. I am also on a tight budget. Thank you in advance

Asked by: Net Watmough  | 1.23pm, Saturday 16 December

WW says:

I presume you are thinking about an electric shower. These will not work on boats as the power requirement is too high and they need higher pressure water than can be supplied by a domestic water pump.
Since you have a mains hook-up; fitting a small hot water cylinder or calorifier with an immersion heater will provide hot water. Assuming that you have a cold water tank and pumped water system, plumbing in a conventional shower tap that mixes hot and cold water will solve your problem. Fitting a cylinder with a heating coil will enable the possible use of a solid fuel stove with a back boiler to heat the water.

Rupert Smedley  | 1.32PM, Sunday 17 December

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