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Is possible to heat the water in a calorifire with a external water cooled system as a oppossed to a skin tank .

Asked by: Mick turner  | 2.11pm, Monday 8 January

WW says:

If the engine is freshwater cooled, then a calorifier can be used. A freshwater cooled engine uses coolant (with antifreeze in) which circulates around the engine. This is then cooled in a heat exchanger block by raw water drawn from the canal/river, before usually being dumped into the exhaust to cool it.
If the engine is just raw water cooled (where the canal water circulates around the engine block), then the raw water will not become warm enough to effectively heat a calorifier unfortunately- this is required, otherwise scale and deposits would clog the engine.
Most marine engines that are freshwater cooled are already fitted with calorifier pipe attachment points- if you let us know what engine model you have, we may be able to help further.

Mark Langley  | 2.44PM, Monday 8 January

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