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Stove or aga

Hi after living on a Narrowboat for 5 years we've decided we have outgrown our boat and looking to buy a widebeam( not everyone's taste) but living on a boat with a 8 yr old boy we've outgrown a Narrowboat and don't do much cruising so widebeam is far more practical for the next few years. Would you go for a stove or a solid fuel cooker? Tia for your opinions

Asked by: Don Heppell  | 3.51pm, Monday 8 January

WW says:

Since AGA no longer make a solid fuelled version of their well known cooker, the best options are either an ESSE or a RAYBURN cooker. Either of these will work well in a wide-beam boat, providing a attractive feature as well as a useful cooker/heater.
As to which you would choose, a solid fuelled room heater or cooker, would really depend on whether you would have an alternative cooking appliance. There will be some hot summer days when having an cooker alight in the boat could be too much, however a plug in electric hotplate could solve the problem, especially if you have shore-power.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.14PM, Monday 8 January

As an alternative, you could consider a diesel range, which could also provide hot water and central heating- is more controllable and less messy than solid fuel stoves- though more pricey to begin with. The Heritage range have been installed on a number of boats we have reviewed and they work well- and other types have been installed as well successfully.

Mark Langley  | 12.59PM, Saturday 13 January

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