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Boat Width

Does the width of a boat matter when you exceed 6ft 10". More specifically is a say 9ft boat able to access more canals than a 10-13 ft boat.

Asked by: Geoffray Hynam  | 12.56pm, Friday 12 January

WW says:

You might find this map useful, which highlights where you can go in a 12ft 6in boat: http://www.waterwaysworld.com/images/widebeam_map.png .

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.37AM, Wednesday 4 April

WW says:

The connected narrow canals were generally built to pass a boat 7ft wide, the exceptions are usually isolated waterways such as the Mon and Brec, so anything wider will get stuck.
The top end of the Trent and Mersey from Middlewich was built to take Mersey Flats, but is now restricted by Dutton stop lock (9' 6") and Croxton aqueduct (8' 2"). The Middle Level and the Fenland waterways are wide but a boat much wider than 10ft would not be able to explore them all.
So the short answer to your question is yes, a 9ft boat would be able to access more waterways than a wider boat, however the profile of the cabin is also critical when approaching the maximum gauge.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.23PM, Friday 12 January

Readers say:

Thank you for that.

Geoffray Hynam  | 11.40AM, Wednesday 17 January

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