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Have just bought a boat fitted with Rediline. What is it? How does it work?Are there any publications explaining this and all narrow boat electrics?

Asked by: ewart lucas  | 5.31pm, Friday 20 February

WW says:

A Rediline is a type of inverter that converts 12-volt power to pure sine wave 230-volt power. It is different from other types of inverter in that it works mechanically - a low voltage electric motor drives a 230-volt AC alternator. Because of this, it is reckoned to be less efficient under light loads because the energy used to drive the alternator is fairly constant throughout the output range.
On narrowboats, Redilines have been largely superseded by more conventional modified sine or pure sine wave inverters. You can find more information at www.rediline.com.
For general information on 12-volt electrics, try The 12-Volt Bible published by Allard Coles(ISBN 0-7136-6703-6) or Simple Boat Electrics Published by Fernhurst (ISBN 1-898660-25-5)

Graham Booth  | 10.27AM, Sunday 22 February

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