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Long Term Hire

My wife and I are fairly experienced boaters who currently own a share in a boat. Being now both retired we would like to have one long term cruise to explore at our own pace - between 3 and 6 months probably, but we don't really want the hassle of owning a boat we might want to sell after a year or two. I have found several websites such as Escape the Rat Race and Laughing Dog Boats which offer long term rental, but having survived the Ownerships collapse and being aware of the current rather dodgy market for liveaboard rentals, we are anxious to make sure any arrangement is reliable. We don't remember any coverage of this in WW and wondered whether you or your readers could provide any advice?

Asked by: Peter Dawson  | 2.32pm, Friday 9 February

WW says:

One possibility would be to approach a hire company to see if they would do a longer hire period, however it would be likely to be in the winter months.
The real problem of a long term hire is ensuring that the boat meets the BSS requirements for a commercial boat or the newer hire-boat checks that came out last year. It would be worth asking to see the BSSER for the boat being hired. This is usually sent out by the examiner as a pdf and can be easily emailed. Insurance and breakdown cover can also be checked before entering into an agreement. The IWA have published a policy document on renting of boats which outline the pitfalls which can be viewed or downloaded at https://www.waterways.org.uk/information/policy_documents/unauthorised_renting_boats
It might however make more sense to buy a boat, take out Canal & River Rescue membership, cruise the system at your leisure and then sell the boat.

Rupert Smedley  | 11.29AM, Sunday 11 February

Another possibility, being as you are already involved in shared ownership, of "buying out" the weeks of other shareholders in a Boat- or even buying the weeks of a new (or used) share not that a management company hasn't managed to sell yet...

Mark Langley  | 8.36PM, Sunday 11 February

It should be possible to ask CRT Craft licensing as to whether the boat in question is licensed for business use.

Rupert Smedley  | 3.35PM, Monday 12 February

Readers say:

Thanks for these replies. We continue to ponder! It's unlikely to happen before 2020 anyway.

Peter Dawson  | 5.45PM, Tuesday 13 February

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