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Ni-Fe batteries

Your recent article seemed to promote the use of Ni-Fe batteries, but when I contacted the website suggested they said that their batteries were not suitable for use on boats and they did not ship outside of the USA anyway. Is there anywhere in the UK which sell them, and if so, are they suitable for boats?

Asked by: Fiona  | 10.23am, Sunday 11 February

WW says:

Nickel Iron or NiFe batteries do have characteristics that make them a good choice for live-aboard boaters. They are suitable for canal boats that do not rock much; this is because they are a flooded battery and thus will not cope with being more than a few degrees off horizontal, which would be the case on sailing and sea going boats.
There are several companies that offer NiFe cells in the UK, they are made in China and the Ukraine; try Bimblesolar who are based near Lewes on the south coast.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.16PM, Sunday 11 February

True, but a decent solar panel would cope.
Their longevity is the real cost savinbg for a live-aboard boater.

Rupert Smedley  | 5.09PM, Sunday 25 February

Readers say:

With a high self discharge rate of one percent a day NiFe batteries will need a lot of charging.

Rod Pinder  | 5.53PM, Friday 23 February

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