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Water pipe tap leak

From our water pump that sits near the bow of the boat there is a pipe that leads to the water tank then there are two pipes that run through the whole boat one above the other, both lead from the water pump. The top pipe has a tap on it and this is leaking. I don't know what this tap is for and whether it should be closed and that's the reason for the leak. Can anyone explain its use?
Thanks for the help

Asked by: christina haste  | 1.30pm, Tuesday 13 February

WW says:

It sounds as though a separate pipe has been run from the pump to feed the hot water system; so one is for the hot water whilst the other is for the cold. This will help equalise the pressure between hot and cold on a mixer tap or shower.
The way to discover the function of the tap is to turn it off; then go round the boat trying everything on the water system until you find what has been stopped.
To repair the leaking tap which might have been frosted; turn off the pump, open a tap to reduce the pressure, then tighten / remake the joints or replace the tap. Be prepared to catch the water which will come out when the pipes are disconnected.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.12PM, Tuesday 13 February

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