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Central heating header tank, constantly needing topping up

I have a webasto powered central heating system with 3 Radiators, Recently i have noticed that the level in the system water tank needs topping up regularly. Ive checked for leaks but can not find any. where might the water be going.

Asked by: Byron Crook  | 8.35pm, Thursday 15 February

WW says:

If you have been running the heating more than usual during this cold weather the evaporation from the header tank could be higher than usual. This could account for the losses however it is more likely to be a small leak. There is a small chance of a crack on the boiler itself with any water being emitted as water vapour in the exhaust.
It would be worth checking the antifreeze properties of the central heating liquid. If you have left the boat without heating in frosty weather, ice could have pushed a joint apart causing a leak. A pre-mixed solution of water and antifreeze should be used when topping up the system.
It is often difficult to examine all the pipe work and joints on a boat without removing panels, but it would be worth checking and do not forget the joints at the Webasto.

Rupert Smedley  | 2.11PM, Friday 16 February

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