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Best product for protecting cabin bilge.

Hello. I've just bought a wide beam shell and would like some advice as to what's the best product to use on the cabin bilge. Is it preferable to use a bilge paint or something like black jack bituminous paint. I'm completely new to this so any help appreciated. Thanks.

Asked by: Lisa  | 6.34pm, Saturday 17 February

WW says:

The bilge steelwork definitely needs a good coating to protect against rust from condensation. Whatever paint you choose needs to be carefully applied with several coats to ensure a good coating. Several coats of bituminous black will be the cheaper option for the cabin of a wide-beam boat, but it would be worth using bilge paint in the engine compartment.
Concrete slabs are the most common ballast material and it is important to fit the ballast carefully to avoid damaging the paint film. Placing rubber strips underneath the slabs will help prevent any movement of the ballast, from engine vibration or collisions, causing damage to the paint film.
Ventilation of the bilge is an often overlooked area; simple gaps built in at the sides will help to stop the bilge becoming damp which will rot the floor. Building in an access panel in the floor at the rear will enable checking for (and removal of) any bilge water.

Rupert Smedley  | 12.52PM, Monday 19 February

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