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Webasco heating

I'm having a webasco thermo top c fitted to are 40ft narrowboat, I'm having 2 radiators and a towel rail fitted, what size radiators and towel rail do I need to buy. Thanks for any advice

Asked by: Vince Sherlock  | 6.27pm, Tuesday 27 February

WW says:

Ideally you need to make sure you have enough convector space to cope with the low heat output from your heater +10%. This means that you need around 2.4kW of convector space- and bearing in mind that a 40ft narrowboat only needs around 1.6kW of heat to keep it warm when its freezing outside, you might find that the heater cycles a lot.
So, look for a combination of radiators, finrads and towel rails that will allow you to get to around 2.4kW of heat distribution. If you haven't bought the heater yet, you might find that, in the long-term, a warm air version of the heater unit might work better- though you lose the ability to dry towels, etc, it won't cycle as much and it avoids cold spots on the floor.
There is a lot of information on good installation practice, including choosing the appropriate radiators, in the article "the burning question" which you can download from this site- which was written in conjunction with the main heater manufacturers.

Mark Langley  | 8.30AM, Wednesday 28 February

Warm air heating might work better for your length of boat, providing you can work out the ducting. It certainly heats up faster and can help eliminate cold spots. Speak to one of the key Webasto inland dealers, such as Kings Lock, and they will be able to give you more advice.

Mark Langley  | 11.55AM, Thursday 1 March

Readers say:

Thank you for help,I haven't brought the heater yet so will look at warm air heating as well.

Vince Sherlock  | 1.33PM, Wednesday 28 February

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