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Ultrasound Tank Gauages

I read with interest the item by Mark Langley headed "Spring Improvements" in the latest issue of W.W, in particular the item about tank gauges that use ultrasound to measure levels.
I have searched the internet and can only find mention of gauges that require the sensor to be screwed to the top of the tank.
Mark refers in his article to gauges that require no cutting into tanks and pipework and I would be grateful if you could give me any information you have as to the manufacturers of such gauges.
Many thanks,
Gary Wilson
(Post by Robert Cowling on behalf of Gary Wilson)

Asked by: Robert Cowling   | 1.39pm, Monday 5 March

WW says:

Gobius Tank Gauges (http://www.gobius.se/en/products/ ) are one unit that is available in UK chandlers and is very effective, having installed in myself on several boats- though there are others available. The sensors are on self adhesive pads and are very quick to fit to the sides of the tank and calibrate. We covered them briefly in a review in Boats and Pieces in January 2017- following installation and testing.
I hope that helps- please don't hesitate to shout if we can help further.

Mark Langley  | 2.54PM, Monday 5 March

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