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grill for Caprice cooker

I have a Caprice 2040 cooker and the grill has virtually died - it takes about 20 minutes to make a very lightbrown piece of toast. the cooker was new with the boat so is about 2 1/2 years old.My Corgi registered adviser thinks the parts aren't available and/or he wouldn't be allowed to fit them. Are there any alternatives to buying a complete new cooker ?

Asked by: Sue Harding Hirst  | 10.57pm, Thursday 26 February

WW says:

Spinflo still lists the Caprice on its website and several large chandlers are offering the Caprice 2040 so spares should still be available.
Try phoning Spinflo on 01142 738157 or one of the major chandlers to see if they can supply what you need.
Remember, gas fitters must be Corgi registered to work on boats and not just buildings. Corgi should be able to help you find one in your area if you ring 0800 915 0485

Graham Booth  | 2.39PM, Friday 27 February

Readers say:

We had the same problem. We removed the Grill and blew it out with an air line
problem solved.I was informed it was a common fault if left over winter caused by dirt and spiders

kevin Feeley  | 5.32PM, Tuesday 3 March

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