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Pull out bed extension design

Currently have 4' wide bed which I'd like to extend to around 4'6" via a pull-out extension that can be pushed in during the day. Any designs available? No problem sorting the mattress part.

Asked by: Dave Martin  | 7.46pm, Friday 27 February

WW says:

We did a similar thing by building a sideways extension to our fixed settee in the saloon. No plans or otherwise needed, really - just a simple slatted design which pulls out. Certainly I don't know of any formal plans but you might find looking through photos in past boat reviews helpful.

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.11AM, Wednesday 4 March

Readers say:

My friend simply put a sheet of plywood same dimension as bed base/mattress size (thickness of ply unknown) he laid this on rollers? on bed base, using a piece of chain as a stay.At night mattress is pulled away from wall about 6 inches this makes bed seem so much bigger with elbow room either side.

michael evardson  | 11.05AM, Tuesday 3 March

We created two berths with space under for storage and a groove or ledge for fitting a plywood base between them to act as the centre of a double bed. That piece doubles as a table, much as in the common caravan design. More info and details at http://patienceafloat.blogspot.com/ April 27th and earlier for photographs.
We also designed our own upholstery and had it made to our spec.

Duncan Grey  | 8.39AM, Thursday 13 May

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