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Narrow boat for commercial use

We have a 60ft narrow boat which is based near Nantwich. Unfortunately, we dont get to use it that often and I am desparately trying to convince my boyfriend not to sell it, as we do love it, but its a lot of money just sitting there. Is it viable with the correct insurance and other relevant things in plase to rent it out privately and through your magazine. Any help much appreciated.

Asked by: melanie  | 12.59pm, Saturday 28 February

WW says:

It's certainly viable - but the "other relevant things" are quite significant. You'll have to pay for a commercial licence, for example, and comply with stricter Boat Safety Scheme requirements.
Being there to hand over the boat at weekends, and available to come and fix unforeseen problems in the middle of the day, can also be a bind. If you're still interested, April's WW (published mid-March) will have a fuller article on the experiences of a hire-boat operator and suggestions how to get started.

Richard Fairhurst  | 10.37AM, Monday 2 March

Readers say:

My parents have now rented 2 boats each for a term of 4 months. (Private rentals). As long as your insurance is up to date and all licences ok - if something were to happen it would be the same if you loaned the boat to a friend. Is your boat still avail? As they are currently looking for a boat to hire for approx 6 months from end August.

georgie  | 1.58PM, Wednesday 15 July

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