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Leaky windows.

I appear to have water leaking in between the glass and frame on the lower pane of my windows, are seals replaceable and has anyone got any advice as to what i should do. I cannot afford to replace the windows. Thanks

Asked by: Robin Emmins  | 6.51am, Monday 9 March

WW says:

Graham's advice is good but, if these suggestions do not bear fruit, Seals + Direct might be able to supply what you need. See their website www.sealsdirect.co.uk or phone for a catalogue on 0845 226 3345

Graham Booth  | 11.06AM, Tuesday 17 March

Readers say:

If you can identify the window manufacturer then they will be able to sell you the rubber strip by the metre. If you can't, remove a very short section of the existing rubber and visit the Crick show. You can then ask the suppliers there if they are able to supply that profile by mail order.

Graham Keens  | 8.29PM, Monday 16 March

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