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sound insulation

I have a steel deck and have tried self adhesive foam insulation under. Twice it has fallen off, i have thoroughly de greased the underside of the deck and this has not helped. Can anyone suggest a suitable adhesive to fix the offending insulation as my Lister Petter A2 engine is lovely but naturally noisy.

Asked by: Robin Emmins  | 7.24am, Monday 9 March

WW says:

Various companies make suitable adhesive- two pack adhesives will work well. Specialist companies, such as TW Marine, who sell sound insulation would be able to advise.
Most self-adhesive sheets should stick to degreased steel- provided the degreasing agent is not silicone based (like washing up liquid- which can prevent adhesion). Using acetone, followed by ethanol (or methylated spirits) will give a clean surface. You might also consider using bracing to keep the insulation in place (such as rubberised tape).

Mark Langley  | 2.09PM, Tuesday 17 March

Readers say:

I used Wickes contact adhesive to attach the sound proofing material to the underneath of Jannock's steel decks. Not sure whete=her that is compatible with your foam though. If it is be careful when purchasing, the 1litre tin is cheaper than the 500mL tin.

Graham Keens  | 8.26PM, Monday 16 March

Many Thanks for the advice, contact adhesive seems to have worked. I can now hear my wife from the other side of our cruiser stern

Robin Emmins  | 4.11AM, Tuesday 9 June

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