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Wide Beam Propulsion - again

My wide beam had a stupid rudder - 31 cm in front of the post and 31 cm behind. I have removed approx 17 cm off the front of the rudder and the tiller is handlable up to max revs but the steering is vague. I was thinking of creating a duct by bringing two plates vertically from the uderside to just below the shaftthen three more to surround the the prop. I thought to take the plates from 25 cm in front of the prop and as far back as I can w=ithout fouling the rudder. Will it work?

Asked by: Ken Neale  | 6.02pm, Monday 9 March

WW says:

It is difficult to comment without seeing the boat but a narrowboat rudder usually has about one fifth of the area in front of the post and four fifths behind. Removing some of the front area would make it less lively to handle but adding the same amount to the rear as well should improve steering.

Graham Booth  | 6.35PM, Thursday 19 March

Readers say:

On my boat I put a horizontal plate 6inches wide at the top and bottom of the rudder; I also added a "fishtail" at the back edge. This was very effective.

John Lancaster  | 4.31PM, Thursday 10 September

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