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I want to buy an old lifeboat fibreglass from rosendal norway with a sabb motor 20ft by 7ft 1975 was stored outside will the fibre glass have osmossis?

Asked by: Andy Krohn  | 10.09am, Monday 16 March

WW says:

There is a good chance if it was stored out of the water, then it won't suffer from osmosis. Osmotic blisters only occur when the fibre is fairly constantly immersed- and the deeper in the water, the greater the chance of blistering occuring.
However, if there are blisters, don't panic! Small ones can be effectively ignored, while larger ones can be sanded down, the moisture level measured and then then hull coated with several layers of epoxy resin (specialist ones, such as Gelshield from International Paints).
Good luck with the purchase! If the engine is a Sabb 10GG, it is a very good engine, much used in ships lifeboats. They are very hardy and easy to handstart as well!

Mark Langley  | 2.05PM, Tuesday 17 March

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