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I'm thinking of living on a boat.

QS: how do I receive my post ( litters )?

Asked by: Philip Yardley  | 6.49pm, Sunday 11 May
Tags: residential

WW says:

Bigger post offices will provide a "Poste Restante" service, where your post will be kept for you until you can pick it up. Here's the official Royal Mail page describing it.

You could also consider an arrangement with friends or family where they become your mailing address, and forward to you c/o a post office, or a friendly canalside business, at convenient intervals.

We always recommend the RBOA's Living Afloat book to prospective live-aboards - it's a goldmine of answers on this and other frequently asked questions.

Richard Fairhurst  | 11.00AM, Tuesday 13 May

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