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Drive Plate Problem

Two years ago I purchased a 60ft narrow boat with a Rushton 6yc engine unit. When purchased we had every intention of replacing this unit with a modern engine and gearbox. The chosen unit was a Mitsubishi type 105 1.76 litre, 42.5 hp with a PRM 260D gearbox supplied complete from a reputable dealer.
After approx 60 running hrs the first drive plate which is a RD 13AA4 collapsed and drive was lost. A further 4 drive plated have malfunctioned in less than 400 hours running.
Various work has been undertake to try and remedy the fault including, the prop re pitched to 17/10 stern bush replaced and shaft cheched for distortion and trueness. A Python Drive was also fitted after the second failure. We are very confident that there is no excessive drag anywhere on the final drive through to the propeller.
R&D has confirmed that the drive plate is the correct one for the current system.

Asked by: Ernie Cheetham  | 3.18pm, Sunday 12 April

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