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Engine Oil

My narrowboat is powered by a Bukh 24. The manual advises lubricating oil with a cc or cd rating. It appears that these oils are no longer available. The lowest rating I have been able to find is cf. Will this be ok or can you suggest suitable alternative.
Many thanks.

Asked by: Stewart Hodgson  | 12.36pm, Monday 20 April

Readers say:

Basically, the further down the alphabet the better the oil.
Most modern quality oils will meet CH or CI specifications,and can cope with the demands of low sulphur/bio fuels, high pressure injection and exhaust aftertreatment. (not really a relevance on the cut though !)
CC and CD oils were developed in the 1950s so its no surprise these are hard to find.
A good web site to explain this is http://www.driverstechnology.co.uk/oils.htm which is written in plain english rather than rocket science.
More importantly,make sure you select the right viscosity, a 10W40 multigrade will perform well in most high speed diesels, but Bukh may demand a different spec, if in doubt check with Bukh UK.
I have used CH/CI 10w40 oil in my Beta 43 for the last 3 years and it runs as sweet as a nut.
Hope this helps

Andy Packwood  | 2.05PM, Wednesday 22 April

Ring Al Pearson on 01202 660713, Co-owner of Bukh Diesel, and a knowledgeable engineer. Hope this helps. Chris McMullen

chris mcmcullen  | 4.39PM, Friday 1 May

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