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honda outboard

hi, my friends honda 9.9hp outboard wont slow run, it runs fine further up the rev range but wont tick over ?

Asked by: jake martin  | 6.53pm, Tuesday 28 April

WW says:

This could be that the idle jet in the carburetor is blocked- it depends on the age of the outboard as to the type of carb, fitted.
It should be possible to adjust the mixture screw and the idle speed so that it will tick over- getting a copy of the workshop manual would be very useful to make sure that you are turning the correct screw! The manual, obtainable from Honda, is a worthwhile investment!
Honda 4-stroke outboards are usually reliable and quite easy to service, though the ignition system of the most modern ones requires a far more complex approach!

Mark Langley  | 7.25AM, Wednesday 20 May

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